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You would like to create your own beads to go with the jewelry you're making ?

You want to learn how to make glass beads ?

You'd like to offer a class to a friend who likes to do his/her own jewelry ?

You would like to polish your technique or perfect yourself with new elements that workd with glass beads ?

I'm offering all these possibilities with different classes.

You only need to show up.  All material required is provided.

For all the classes, you will work your bead on a Minor burner from Nortel and you will use Moretti Glass.

It will be possible for you to get your beads afterwards, once they have annealed. 

You can pass by the studio at a moment we'll have agreed upon.  If you're not able to come back, I will mail your beads for a small charge.

For any questions or to book your place : muriel@murielduval.com


Beginner's Class :

-Introduction to basic beadmaking material ( mandrels, graphite paddle, tweezers, rake, mashers, picks, bead release and cleaning tools)

-Introduction to terminology use in beadmaking world.

-Introduction to safety rules while beadmaking and how to setup a home studio

-How to setup the equipment and material before lighting up the torch.

-Learn how to hold the mandrel and make it turn correctly.

-Learn how to manipulage glass rods.

-Learn how to create a round, centered bead. ( easier to write than to do...)

-Learn how to do a stringer.

-Use of a stringer on your beads and learn all the different possibilities.

-Introduction and use of different tools used in advanced beadmaking

-Play with chemical reactions between different glass colors.

-Learn how to create your own colors

-Discussion on when you'll be ready to buy a kiln and how to use one.

Duration : 3 hours

Private class : 150$/student, maximum 2 students.


For all of you who already took the beginners class or those who has experience in beadmaking, I'm offering these advanced classes :


Focus on the use of silver and dichro´c glass:

-Learn how to maximize the use of silver leaf and silver foil

-How to insert silver foil in a stringer or how to pull a silver stringer

-Create a bead using silver reduction

-Create a bead using silver foil on the surface

-How to use silver wire to create a silver line on your bead

-Learn how to reduce your flame to maximize silver reaction

Duration : 3 hours

Private class : 150$/student, maximum 2 students.



Focus on hollow beads, sculptural beads and cabochons :

-Learn how to master the technique for creating hollow beads.

-Learn how to create sculptural beads like animals and others

-Learn how to create a cove, an hollow cove as well as their cover to be able to insert them into a necklace

-Learn how to create cabochons beads to be able to make rings.

Duration : 3 hours

Private class : 150$/student, maximum 2 students.



Focus on floral beads :

-Learn how to create beads while integrating flower pattern

-Learn how to create beads with built-in flower and flower on the outside

-Learn how to create 3-Dimensions flowers.

Duration : 3 hours

Private class : 150$/student, maximum 2 students.

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